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New construction, renovations, expansions, and upgrades – AirLogix will be your trusted partner through the process.

When you’re working with new construction or expanding a current facility, you have more to oversee than the HVAC/R installation. We’ll take care of the details as your commercial HVAC mechanical contractors, so you can focus on what you do best.

Commercial HVAC Contractor Services

Leave everything HVAC & Refrigeration to us! Our team of experts will give you the best service with full transparency into the process. Then we’ll be ready to keep it running well into the future with our maintenance and service team.

System Design

As full service commercial HVAC mechanical contractors, AirLogix and our trusted partners provide the load calculations, engineering, and drafting services to build out the most efficient system for your facility.

Project Management

Once a design is in place, our project managing team oversees every step to implement the project, whether we’re directing your subcontractors or our own team members. You can trust AirLogix to work with your best interests in mind, so you don’t have to worry.

HVAC installation

From ordering the ductwork to installing the air conditioning, our certified technicians take care of every step of the process to ensure everything meets manufacturer specifications so you get the most life out of your HVAC system.

Refrigeration installation

We also manage the mechanical contracting for refrigeration install. Within the hospitality or pharmaceutical industry, each facility needs a variety of refrigerators to meet their needs. We install and then service all of them to keep things safe or fresh.

Upgrades & Expansions

Has your system outlived its efficiency? Or has your facility outgrown its current HVAC and refrigeration units? As mechanical contractors, we can help you decide the best next step for your system. Whether you’re installing a whole new compressor and ductwork system or expanding your current one.

New Construction

Starting from scratch? Our commercial HVAC mechanical contractors do all the load calculations for your future building or facility, so you can be confident it meets your needs once completed.

Special Projects

Our expertise extends to specialty refrigeration and cooling systems, like custom wine cellars and dry aging boxes. We help bring our clients vision to life with extensive professional experience in a variety of industries.

Prevent Problems Before They Arise

We’ll work with any large commercial industry to keep their customers cool and employees comfortable. We’ve worked with:

  • Schools
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • …And much more!


Pharmaceutical facilities responsible for vaccines and evidence storage also partner with the mechanical contractors at AirLogix for installations, because we offer the best in remote monitoring software with transparent record keeping.

Partner with AirLogix Today!

While some commercial HVAC mechanical contractors are criticized for not following up after the project is finished, AirLogix specializes in maintenance and repairs for all the systems we install (and of course, the ones we didn’t install).
Not only do we install these commercial HVAC systems, our certified technicians troubleshoot and service the equipment they install. Our full-stocked trucks make it easy to repair when you call us, so you won’t be waiting for us to get the right parts in. A service contract will ensure you get bumped to the front of the line when you have an emergency, or a maintenance agreement will account for the preventative servicing necessary to avoid emergencies in the first place.

Our expertise will ensure we install the best system for your needs: we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need or want just to make things easy. We carefully measure the space to install the most efficient system, and we’re ready to keep up with manufacturer maintenance after installation.

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“One of the things I look for in a Service Provider is responsiveness; for the last 10 years working with Airlogix I can say that they are one of my most responsive vendors, which is huge for me as I am constantly on the go from site to site. I also really appreciate the client portal access that provides real time photo and video progress of our jobs. I look forward to our continued success in NY and NJ.”

— Bill M, Developer

Our Work

Mechanical Contracting Mechanical Contracting Mechanical Contracting

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Commercial HVAC mechanical contractors oversee the heating and cooling, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical components of a construction project – essentially, all the mechanical elements. They partner with the other experts on the job, whether or not they work for the same company, to get everything installed on time and on budget.

At AirLogix, we have our own team ready to handle every aspect of the installation process, but we also collaborate with other service providers to get the work done. You can always count on our integrity and honesty to run the project well.

What Does a Mechanical Contractor Do?

Manage your whole HVAC project from start to finish! The responsibilities of mechanical contractors range from managing staff on the construction project, monitoring the budget and other resources, and planning for any future maintenance according to the manufacturers used throughout the project.

Install from Start to Finish

The mechanical contractor is typically responsible for the install of all HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing from design to implementation.

New Construction, Retrofit, or Redesign for Renovations

With over 30 years in business and a combined 300+ years of experience, the AirLogix contracting team will design an efficient system to stand the test of time. With new construction, designing from the ground up may seem like the easiest part, but it requires oversight of many different elements. The mechanical contractor ensures you don’t miss anything, even in the electrical or plumbing aspects of the job.

Retrofitting an old system for eco-friendly heat pumps or simply replacing a system that has outlived its usefulness may require some reworking of ducts and units. The mechanical contractor coordinates the electrician and plumber, along with their own HVAC team so everything runs perfectly from the start and meets any new codes requirements.

During a renovation, some building owners may not realize their old HVAC system needs to be updated, as well. With more efficient materials being used in the construction, the load calculations may need reworking for the best use of time and money. In an expansion of your facility, the mechanical contractor will make sure you don’t overwork your existing system.

The mechanical contractor has experienced eyes on the project, so nothing is overlooked in the design.

The AirLogix Advantage

Our core values of innovation, organization, and excellence make us the best choice for mechanical contracting in the NYC, NJ and PA area. We keep all teams working together smoothly to finish on time and on budget.