Commercial Chillers & Cooling
Tower Installation and Repair

AirLogix partners with your industrial business, school, or hospital to offer the best in HVAC installation and repair for your facility.

Commercial Chiller and Cooling Tower Installation and Maintenance

AirLogix works with institutions and industrial facilities through the NY, NJ and PA area on commercial chillers & cooling tower installation & repair. With a maintenance agreement or service contract, you’ll prevent emergencies before they happen or be bumped to the top of the list when you need a service call.

Installing a Commercial
Chiller & Cooling Tower

While the average person may only envision a cooling tower at a nuclear power plant or other massive manufacturing facility, these units can be installed at plenty of smaller facilities to better utilize space and conserve electricity.

Because cooling towers and commercial chillers have complex parts and pieces, certified technicians are often required to ensure the units function properly and fans run smoothly.

Regular Maintenance on
Your Chiller System

Like any heating and air conditioning system, preventative maintenance for your chiller or cooling tower can make all the difference in your energy efficiency, monthly electric bills, and the lifespan of your equipment. Learn more about our maintenance services by contacting AirLogix today.

Clogged Drain Lines and Tubes

Similar to a commercial refrigerator or HVAC system, your chiller has tubes and drain lines that need to be clear from leftover water particles to keep the system running smoothly. Larger systems will have long lengths of tubing to clean, so a maintenance agreement will ensure you don’t miss a spot or a piece of equipment while you’re cleaning.

Remove Scale Build-Up

Because a cooling tower uses evaporation to function, you may notice mineral and scale deposits on your equipment left behind from the water. These need to be cleaned off in order to protect your components from deterioration. Fans function less efficiently when caked with debris, and you won’t want this to go untreated.

Belt Function & Oil Levels

With a fan and motor system, you’ll need to ensure the belt tension is at optimal levels, and your gears are oiled to maintain a smooth flow of water through the system. Manufacturers most likely provide the minimal maintenance requirements, and you’ll want to keep those in mind to ensure low electricity usage and extend the lifespan of your investment.

Manufacturers That We Service

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We value accountability above all else. Our team takes personal responsibility for outcomes in your business, providing assistance from the start of a project through to scheduled regular maintenance.


As you seek out the best ways to improve your business through technology and sustainability, AirLogix uses the same innovative approach to give you the tools you need for easy record-keeping and monitoring of your equipment.

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Chillers and Cooling Towers Commercial Chillers and Cooling Towers Commercial Chillers and Cooling Towers

Why Use a Commercial Chiller?

Large institutions or industrial facilities require more than the standard commercial HVAC to remove heat from their building. Chiller systems operate similarly to a refrigerator for your building, removing heat and cooling the large spaces with refrigerant. However, their large size helps them counteract the heat released from machinery or crowds of people in a space.

Types of Chillers

While two types of chillers exist, they demonstrate differences in cost and usage. While one may have a lower install cost, it may cost more over time in energy efficiency. As commercial chillers & cooling tower installation & repair experts, we can help you make the best choice for your facility.

Water-cooled chiller

The water-cooled chiller is a popular choice because it remains independent from the outdoor temperature. The units can be portable or permanent, making them a great choice for a variety of business sizes. However, they are commonly used in large facilities such as warehouses or hospitals.

The downsides? If you live in an area without great water access, you may not be able to take full advantage of this equipment. While we typically don’t have water restriction issues in the New York/New Jersey area, these can impact the use of a water-cooled system, as well.


Air-cooled chiller

These units work best in an area without easy access to water, or a smaller facility that doesn’t need the large scale of a water-cooled system. The equipment takes up less space, but typically needs to be placed outside of a building, where the seasonal temperature may affect its ability to heat or cool efficiently. The installation cost is significantly lower on an air-cooled chiller, and as a smaller unit represents a smaller fee for regular maintenance.


Benefits of a Cooling Tower

A cooling tower often work in conjunction with a water-cooled chiller, removing heat from the building through evaporation. These units are energy-efficient, but typically used by large industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Lower Maintenance Cost

Because the cooling tower primarily requires a fan and water pump, the maintenance costs can be less than complicated refrigerant options. You won’t be using costly chemicals to.


Keeps Air Free From Humidity

Because the cooling tower removes water from the air, the temperature inside the facility starts to drop simply because the humidity is lower. Some HVAC units require a level of humidity to be effective, but in dry climates or seasons, the cooling tower will keep an ambient temperature.


Quiet & Efficient

Cooling towers not only keep energy costs lower, but also operate at a lower volume than standard commercial HVAC units. With enough sound from machinery and industrial operations, the fan and water pump in a cooling tower keep your sound level as low as possible.