Commercial HVAC Services in NJ & NYC

With over 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction, AirLogix will become
your trusted resource for the heating and cooling across your business or facility.

You know that time is money, and we want to partner with you to save time across your business with expertise in design and installation of all commercial HVAC services. Our HVAC technicians often achieve a first-time fix, so you don’t need to replace your investment after only a few years.

Our commercial heating and cooling systems make your job easier with an analytics dashboard and remote monitoring. We help you qualify for energy efficiency incentives and ensure every system is running its best with real-time and historical data you can access at any time.

In addition to commercial HVAC services, we provide excellent refrigeration service, streamlining your vendors and providing maintenance agreements or service contracts for all units.

Make Your Job Easier with
Our Heating & Cooling Services

Every business owner, facility manager, and general contractor oversees multiple projects at once. Let us take HVAC projects off your plate with the best service in the industry.


Start fresh with a strong partner for your commercial HVAC services and request a quote on installation for your facility. We work quickly and efficiently to meet your deadlines and keep your project moving on schedule.

Our transparent record keeping gives you access to the details every step of the way, so you know how to best maintain your system in the future. Your success is our success, so we guarantee you’ll have the best product for the job with expert advice and design assistance based on our 30 years in the industry.

Preventative Maintenance

Maximize the lifetime of your investment with maintenance agreements in place to service equipment according to manufacturer guidelines. If you manage several facilities with different commercial HVAC systems in each, we keep track of the maintenance requirements, so you don’t have to.

Or sign up for a service contract which includes the individual attention of a maintenance agreement, combined with priority service call response and reduced labor rates for repairs.

We arrive with fully stocked trucks, so we can correct the problem immediately, and you don’t have to wait for a part to arrive.

“Airlogix is a great company to work with, they operate with integrity and the customer at front of mind. I am so happy I chose them to build my warehouse and cold storage. I would recommend them highly.”

—  Eric M., Owner, Manufacturing

Our Work

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Commercial Systems That We Service

Whether you’re planning new construction, replacing an outdated or inefficient system on an existing building, or looking to monitor multiple existing units in your facility, we have commercial HVAC services to meet all heating and cooling needs.

For our industrial or institutional partners, we design, install, and repair chillers and cooling towers to fight the heat in these large facilities. In retail spaces and restaurants, we offer traditional ducted or ductless commercial HVAC systems.


For larger facilities, you need a system that can take the heat. Chillers combined with cooling towers help you remove excess heat from the air caused by manufacturing processes or people, so your clients and employees can stay comfortable and have the best experience in your building.

Package & Rooftop Units

Save space and make maintenance simple with rooftop units for your building. You’ll also reduce sound pollution around your building by keeping the units away out of ear shot from your customers. Service and repairs are easy with all the units free from obstructions on the roof, and HVAC technicians do not need to enter the building to complete their work.

Heat Pumps

These energy efficient units have become more and more popular for commercial buildings over the past few years. Without a furnace or boiler, they’re a great option for facilities without access to natural gas. While they only produce electric heat, many building owners realize their warehouse or office primarily uses air conditioning year-round anyway to balance the heat from machines or personnel.

Ductless and VRV Systems

Ductless and VRV systems help business owners manage zones efficiently with a unit in each room or space. Without ducts, these systems also provide better air quality because dust will not build up inside the ductwork. These make a great solution for retail spaces and retrofitting old buildings with the modern comfort of air conditioning.


Call us today to manage your complete ductwork installation for commercial construction projects. AirLogix has the experience to design the best airpath through your building, ensuring the lowest energy usage possible for your space. After installation, sign up for our service contract to keep those ducts free from leaks and dust free.

Along with technically servicing your equipment with excellence, AirLogix is dedicated to advancing technology and energy efficiency to make your job easier.

With remote monitoring and regular maintenance agreements, you can catch problems before they become emergencies.

Commercial HVAC services are all about comfort, and our additional tools keep you and your clients comfortable in your building at all times.

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Manufacturers That We Service

Why Choose Airlogix For Your Commercial HVAC Service?

We simplify your processes with innovative technology to ensure your facility can keep up with your business growth.


With a client portal, you’ll be able to see the exact work done during each service and hold us accountable after each visit. If we encounter a problem outside our HVAC servicing role (electrical, plumbing, etc.) while performing preventative maintenance, we let you know to help your business run smoothly, even beyond our responsibilities.


We value your time, so we respond to service calls quickly and fix it right the first time. When your store is closed or uncomfortable due to temperature, we understand that can cause lost sales, so we respond and diagnose quickly to get you back to business as usual. Our long-term, certified technicians have seen it all, making them the best at troubleshooting and repairing your problems.


We embrace accountability and being solutions oriented. We believe in personal responsibility for our outcomes. We adopt a solutions-oriented approach, following through from inception to start up and beyond.


We keep your interests at the front of our minds and do the right thing by you every day. We provide the best resources and care so we can watch you grow and celebrate your successes.

Innovation in Customer Support

When your business succeeds, we succeed. Not only do we offer the 24/7 emergency service, we offer secure, remote monitoring of your systems so you can see all your equipment in one place. Before you can feel the problem, you’ll be able to see it on the platform and respond to the emergency even faster. With equipment logging, you can track the temperatures throughout your facility to notice a pattern of inefficiency or better regulate temperatures during the day.

More reasons to work with us

Cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for long-term savings.

Fully stocked vehicles so we can solve any problem we encounter on the job.

Customized agreements and customer support.

Technicians with best-in-class training to quickly identify any issues on-site.